Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jessies 5 month Maternity shoot

>Well I cant believe how quick everything has gone does anyone remember Jessie's Pre preggie shots we did leading up to this date??? link above:-)

So Jess is 21 weeks oh gosh its gone soo quickly bubs will be here soon ;-) so I have just done up a couple for a sneak peek will add a few more time allowing ;-) Isn't she Gorgeous

Been playing with some textures i think it suits the mood here ;-) we will be doing another shoot at 30 weeks and 37 weeks I cant wait for that.. Oh then the NEWBORN aww Jess wants to do all the shots for that so he/she will be my experimental on all shots bub ahahahah (poor child) lol

Hope you like these Jess

Loves ya



Shannon said...

LoVE the texture look!! so great!! she is ity bity :)!!

Shannon said...

Oh good! i am glad you figured it out!! this materinity shoot is just amazing!! i love them!!

Jodie Greck Photography said...

I HOpe she likes them ;-) she will because shes my friend and if she wants to stay that way haha no just kidding..

Thank you Shannon ;-) said...

What a fab timeline you are creating and I love the textures - I really do need to invest in some!!

Sue xx said...

Gorgeous! I love the one after your comments just looking down on her she has a book in her hand.

Well done I am really proud of you!

Sue xx

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