Friday, June 26, 2009

More of Hudson

Here are a few more photos of gorgeous Hudson, he is soo soo cute "i cant get enough of this little man" just a few to tease you all. especially you guys Jess and Danni.

See you soon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Products- New Promotion (lets play chinese wispers)

Hi all,

I have just introduced a new product, mounted personalised piece's of art. aren't they amazing?
this post is a pretty exciting post for me and it should be for all of you too ;-) It's my birthday in July and I've been thinking about how blessed I am even though at times it seems really tough. As most of you might know I have had a very trying year with my little boy with health issues, well we need to celebrate the love and life we have so I have decided to give all the bookings in July a FREE 16 x 12" piece of personalised artwork like featured below *isn't it gorgeous... mounted & ready to show off (valued at $250) ~ all personally designed by myself.. I want to give back ~I have been given SO much 2 gorgeous boys a husband that works his butt off for us , a roof over our heads thanks Sweet xoxox so now its my turn to give! To all my blogger fans lets play Chinese whispers and share the love.. tell every one and anyone you know;-) i hope to see all you lovley's very very soon. No limits to sessions booked for this offer but all sessions are to be held in July for this offer ;-0)

And if your session fee is booked in *June for the July offer I will give the early birds a free 5 by 7" image ;-) like i said I'm sharing the love... can you feel it??

I hope you are all excited I am!!

Go to and contact me or email me at

Thanks for stopping by Jodie xoxo

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi again, well i haven't had a session for weeks. i don't know if you guys remember but i have been documenting my gorgeous girl~ friends pregnancy.

well she has had the baby yay!!! and i got to take pics my favorite past time lol.. oh and have loads of cuddles.. well let me just say this shoot did not go as planned and it took 2 days of going there to hope the little bugger would sleep, that deep sleep well that never happened. so im not too happy about that, but hopefully i got something she will love, ..anyway with no further adue here i am proud to introduce BABY Hudson. 7 days old 6lb 7oz

More images to come tomorrow ;-)

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