Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TTD Shoot At Redcliffe

Hello everyone, Well as I have mentioned I am going back into my archives and processing these photos.. I am processing a batch of a TTD which is a session called Trash the dress It makes for some very gorgeous interesting photography I'm still processing but here is a sneak peek of the session:-) and some information on a trash the dress:-) As you can tell I really Love these sessions... http://trashthedress.com/

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Been very slack

OK yes I know I have been terribly slack with these photos but i am presently backlogged with photos haha well I am going back to the photos i haven't edited yet and putting them up here for you all to admire :-) so they will be added today/tomorrow 1 by 1 lol till next time ciao.

Coolum Kite Festival

HI again,

well yesterday we went to the kite festival with our friends Brooke , Glen and the cutie Savannah... It wasn't a very nice day it was raining before we got there but luckily it dried up to just a drizzle.. Thus Locky with the umbrella on the beach ha ha..

Locky and Savannah make such a cute couple don't you think haha well Brooke and I do lol.. we were walking up the beach at the kite festival and we turned around and the happy little couple were holding hands aww cute so I had to take some pics way too cute to miss :-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Something New

HI everyone, well I have a new found fondness to storyboards and will now be offering these as a part of my services I am so excited to be announcing this new addition I'm totally sure i will be putting up lots of these in the future yay haha

but for now cheerio

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