Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look at this Gorgeous Family ;-)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mr and Mrs M and their little men what cuties
{all of them}!

I met the M family down at shorncliffe and we did our shoot there, we got some gorgeous shots down by the rocks on the sand , in the park, on the peir you name it I think i have it hahaa ~

I cant wait to have this whole session in the gallery for you guys but I had to just pic a few and these are SOME of my Faves ;-) I hope you guys like these as much as I do...
Thanks you for choosing me to capture your family the way that you are ;-)

Jodie xox

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its our birthday!

I just wanted to share some photos with all you guys who come take the time and check out what I am up to on a regular basis.. Well it's my birthday today & my sisters ;-) not twins but close.. Thanks dad and ma for the jacket its perfect. a pic here of it and I'm wearing it right now ;-)

Thank you to every one who has sent so many birthday wishes you gotta love Facebook ;-) 1st yr Ive been on it and SO many friends lol

here are some pics of our day yesterday when we celebrated early and had a family BBQ. the 2 big kids hhaa yes I'm included well that's (us)..

and some of randomness of the day..

to celebrate check out my SPECIAL CELEBRATION HERE

Till next time take care xoxo

us being silly!
simon zooming in my yard
my handsome man
The gorgeous night to end a GORGEOUS day!

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