Friday, November 28, 2008

37 weeks:-)

Please let me introduce you all to Mrs S.. Isn't share just gorgeous and cute with that big belly of hers heheh please don't get me started I love Love Love big bellies as you all know. We went down to Quota park at Nambour and used the park bench its just lovely there we got some really nice shots. Thanks heaps Mrs S... Hope you enjoy these shots.. Mrs S has been told she is having a little girl aww she is 37 weeks pregnant and has 3 boys at home so to say she is still not sure well it wont be long now- and I cant wait to capture her precious newborn days with you :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

some more from part 1

So I cant help but share these with you...
So here are some more from part 1 :-)
The little princess


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Davies Wedding Part 1 (the details and getting ready)

OK these have taken me all day but can I say so myself I think these images are gorgeous... I have to thanks my beautiful assistant SueB you were an amazing support for me thank you!! Your such an angel.. (i can't wait to see what you come up with.. and i'll get to see me in some thats one thing i cant do haahh..)

Also My husband Dave was by my side caring all our lenses suggesting poses so I have to give him credit where credit is due and not to mention running around crazily with the unbrella looking like Mary Poppins to make everyone laugh you will see some laughter shots in part 3 (they were all laughing at my dear hubby) I told him we should do weddings together - heheheh You were amazing darling thank- you!! xoxo

The Details

This was my veil it's a family tradition all of us girls have used it :-)

The details in the dress just stunning

Erica's Things

Shoes I just love these

And more detail... The engagment ring :-)

Congrtulations guys you were beautiful all 3 of you... I cant wait to show you these pics when you get home from hamilton dont rush on my account hahaahha!!

Get Ready For A Sneak Peak OF The NEW Mr & Mrs Davies

Hi everyone well yesterday was the big day and please let me firstly say that it was an absolute honour and privilege for me to be asked to be the wedding photographer to cover these special moments in our family yesterday.. Kell you were a stunner simply elegantly gorgeous and so was Erica and Gav all nervous waiting for you to arrive aww the memories..

Please stay tuned for some lovely photos. I will have a series of photos being put on the blog in this coming week so stay tuned for these I will be putting part 1 on my blog today

You guys are gorgeous and I hope you both have a beautiful break together on your honeymoon.. I know you will HAMILTON ISLAND how could you not I'm very jealous

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gorgeous Sunset!

Well tonight what a gorgeous sunset it was. I took Locky outside and we took some magnificent photos of the sunset over looking our unit apartment block. I thought i' share one with you..Well what has been or is happening. Kellie my sister is getting married tomorrow so the family is all very excited about that. stay tuned for a sneak peek of some of the wedding photos next week sometime.. Hopefully it stays fine for them :-) all the pre wedding jitters are totally normal I'm telling you heeheh.. I'll see you nice and early in the morning!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Practice Practice

hello again,

I am the photographer at my sisters wedding in just 2 weeks I'm so very excited but oh my goodness the nerves are starting to come go far far away you silly silly nerves lol...

So I bought my shoes for the wedding and decided to do some practice detail shots.. So here are the shoes hahaa..

for now xoxox

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Miss B Part 1

Hello my fellow Blogger Readers...
Well Isn't my job the greatest... I love every second! ;-) Miss B approached me and asked me if I would do some shots for her upcoming portfolio as she would love to get into modeling I was so excited but Oh My Gosh I was nervous as this is something I have never attempted give me a roaming toddler any day that is my comfort zone lol.. So I did a shoot with Miss B (Isn't she just gorgeous) and to my surprise I am pretty happy with the results . Miss B Is over the moon, so that is all that matters haha.. We are going to do some more wide angle shots when I get my new lens which should be this week I'm so excited about that..

Keep your eyes peeled, There is an upcoming maternity session next week and you never know what other surprises I may have for you.. You never know you will have to keep watch ;-)

If you like this set leave me a comment I thrive on those:-)

P.s Miss B tells me everyone thinks that she is a Bec Hewitt look alike what do you think? Ive had people say it to me to.. Haha

Until next time I blog with you all Take care Jodie

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Theo Bear

Jordy's 2nd birthday came around last weekend and he got Theo the bear as one of his pressies I think that Theo is totally gorgeous and he ends up in some strange places I managed to capture some of his moments and places... I hope you enjoy this little template set just as much as we do ;-)

I can't believe that Jordy is 2 he has grown way too quickly time for another bub for me hahah just kidding waiting a few more yrs but i wont rule it out see how we are traveling then, but I do love babies I think I could just keep on having them if I wasn't looking out for my sanity... haha

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