Thursday, November 6, 2008

Miss B Part 1

Hello my fellow Blogger Readers...
Well Isn't my job the greatest... I love every second! ;-) Miss B approached me and asked me if I would do some shots for her upcoming portfolio as she would love to get into modeling I was so excited but Oh My Gosh I was nervous as this is something I have never attempted give me a roaming toddler any day that is my comfort zone lol.. So I did a shoot with Miss B (Isn't she just gorgeous) and to my surprise I am pretty happy with the results . Miss B Is over the moon, so that is all that matters haha.. We are going to do some more wide angle shots when I get my new lens which should be this week I'm so excited about that..

Keep your eyes peeled, There is an upcoming maternity session next week and you never know what other surprises I may have for you.. You never know you will have to keep watch ;-)

If you like this set leave me a comment I thrive on those:-)

P.s Miss B tells me everyone thinks that she is a Bec Hewitt look alike what do you think? Ive had people say it to me to.. Haha

Until next time I blog with you all Take care Jodie

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