Saturday, January 31, 2009


She was totally hilarious this is as asleep sleep got.. Her mum kept saying she was pretending to sleep. hehe..

oh I just cant help it I have to put more up its just screaming beauty at me cute cute cute...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Little Miss R

Today I had the pleasure of coming back to do little miss R's Baby shoot she was such a little cutie and my gosh those eyes AMAZING!! do you remember her mum well this baby was nearly 10lb big bubba... but she is still so little at 8 weeks

Monday, January 26, 2009

The New Branding....

Well Its Official now I have my new logo thanks to Jenn she has done a beautiful job with this !!

I have just changed my server names so my Brand Spankin New Site should be up and running by the end of the day yay.. So please as I haven't advertised as of yet all my work is through word of mouth so if you know anyone interested around my area pass my webby link to them I'd appreciate this ;-)

Thanks guys I hope you all like my New Look


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jessies 5 month Maternity shoot

>Well I cant believe how quick everything has gone does anyone remember Jessie's Pre preggie shots we did leading up to this date??? link above:-)

So Jess is 21 weeks oh gosh its gone soo quickly bubs will be here soon ;-) so I have just done up a couple for a sneak peek will add a few more time allowing ;-) Isn't she Gorgeous

Been playing with some textures i think it suits the mood here ;-) we will be doing another shoot at 30 weeks and 37 weeks I cant wait for that.. Oh then the NEWBORN aww Jess wants to do all the shots for that so he/she will be my experimental on all shots bub ahahahah (poor child) lol

Hope you like these Jess

Loves ya


Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have just been playing around with textures this is a self portrait I took as I am doing a photo a day my photo a day photo stream if you want to see more.

This photo is about reflecting on things I want to come ;-) goals ambitions, dreams and hopes so just sharing day 9/365 with you Thank you all for supporting me in my journey :-)

hugs Jodie

Win one of these..

This is completely adorable right???? yes it is I have entered to win this so I thought I'd share the love enter in this sweet give away and your little darling or someone eles could be the lucky one ;-)

The Posh Passy they have gorgeous products at good prices!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

There is Love in the AIR

I just had to share this.. I made this College all by MY self im soo very excited so just had to share that I had made this from scratch and have a little brag lol ok there you have it there is excitment in the CAMP :-) heheh

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adam & Emily

Hi had the privilege of being the photographer for Emily and Adams Maternity shoot.. These pair made the shoot so much fun... Thanks guys ;-)
AS soon as I got there we went straight into it I had a little look around at the location (their home) and I found on there rd a gorgeous gorgeous spot so that it where these outside shots were done ;-) A BIG BIG thank you to Adam for braving the neighbours for these shots ;-)))
ALL the best wishes for the new arrival and I can not wait to meet your bubba your bubs will be a stunner just look at you too these pair were so cute together and soo in LOVE it was so lovely
Thanks Guys

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I shot my hubby {not litterally} hehe

Yesterday I took My hubby Dave down to our local train station and i got to finally shoot him hahahahahahahah ---- we had a photo shoot as I have been begging him for 3 months to do one lol so what better time then on his holidays the kids are at day care and we are all by our selves with no distractions lol..

Then it decides to rain lol but we are adventurous so that did not stop s in the least.. so as you can tell he is totally fine and all is well no blood at all rest assured lol

This first shot is the winning shot {the one hubby likes the best} its already been printed lol... the seat was wet but i told him to sit on it anyways and he was winging about it but now he is SO pleased that he did hahaha i love that feeling when i get to say {i told you SO} which is not often at all lol anyways here is just a few lol there are heaps i haven't been able to even look at half of them time time time lol.....

Take the tie to comment if you like this set and you have the time ;-) we like to hear from you all

we hope you like these

David & Jodie xoxo

Happy New Year People ;-)

Hi to all the people who come in to read my blog ;-)

A big thumbs up to a safe and happy New Year {this was taken on the way to the beach on new yrs days} I thought this image of Locky was the perfect way to start off the new yr.. So happy beginnings to all and may the new yr bring in many new blessings for us all...

until next time xoxox

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