Saturday, January 3, 2009

I shot my hubby {not litterally} hehe

Yesterday I took My hubby Dave down to our local train station and i got to finally shoot him hahahahahahahah ---- we had a photo shoot as I have been begging him for 3 months to do one lol so what better time then on his holidays the kids are at day care and we are all by our selves with no distractions lol..

Then it decides to rain lol but we are adventurous so that did not stop s in the least.. so as you can tell he is totally fine and all is well no blood at all rest assured lol

This first shot is the winning shot {the one hubby likes the best} its already been printed lol... the seat was wet but i told him to sit on it anyways and he was winging about it but now he is SO pleased that he did hahaha i love that feeling when i get to say {i told you SO} which is not often at all lol anyways here is just a few lol there are heaps i haven't been able to even look at half of them time time time lol.....

Take the tie to comment if you like this set and you have the time ;-) we like to hear from you all

we hope you like these

David & Jodie xoxo


Shannon said...

so fun!! i like the door way one too! what a good man :)!

Trish said...

Oh, Jodie how fun!! You did such a great job on these!! I really like your angles. Your hubby is very handsome too ; )

You go girl lol!!!

Toni said...

Hi Jodie, these are GREAT!!! So nicely done, I hope he paid you well ( :

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