Saturday, January 31, 2009


She was totally hilarious this is as asleep sleep got.. Her mum kept saying she was pretending to sleep. hehe..

oh I just cant help it I have to put more up its just screaming beauty at me cute cute cute...


فتوح أبو المفاتيح said...

what a wonderful baby
i like the colors

amandanbo said...

jodie! that yawning one is gorgeous! they all are, but i l.o.v.e. that one!
amanda (from enrich :) )

Trish said...

The one with baby yawning is sooo adorable!!

Katie [shadowplay] said...

Awwww.... how gorgeous!

Calli B said...

these are gorgeous Jodie!

Joshua K said...

Wow Jodie! I really love all of them, great shots :)

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