Friday, February 6, 2009

In Memory Of AVA

Well this is the shoot i did yesterday in memory of AVA.. Ava was 3 yrs old her young life slipped through lifes fingers way too early! you can read about Ava's story via this link.. you can click on the link in there to read her mumma's story!
And her mothers blog of memories from Ava is here
So this shoot is dedicated to the beloved little AVA!


The Gourleys wild ride said...


Shannon said...

those are just beautiful and so TOUCHING!! blessings to Ava and her family and friends from the USA!!

Tanya said...

Just beautiful Jodie!

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Thankyou so much sweet Jodie :)
I am so grateful that you took time to honor our girl, it means more than I can adequately say.
Much love and thanks again,
Sheye xxx

Raymond C said...

The photo really touches our hearts

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