Friday, September 5, 2008

I look forward in following your Journey Jess

I went over to my friend Jessie's place yesterday and we did a beautiful shoot it was not a very nice day so we couldn't go out to where we wanted to go ,so we were stuck indoors the pics turned out wonderfully.. Jess is so photogenic we were doing pre pregnancy photos as Jess and her husband are trying for a baby this month yay you have waited soooooooooooo long Jess but the anticipation for this was all worth it.. So keep an eye out because we will be following Jess and her husband Danny in their journey into parent hood I cant wait I'm soo excited for these 2 they are my favourite couple heheh Its also Jess and Danny's 1st Wedding anniversary so Danny we hope you like Jess's pics I do hehe look forward to taking your couple photos too fingers crossed for you for this month I can hear the sound of pitter patter already!! I Love this one Jess

jess's pre preg belly you skinny thing

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