Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well It was such a gorgeous weekend! My Gorgeous sister and her handsome husband
(dare I say it lol...) came down to the sunshine coast to visit myself and the boys so what eles to do but go to the beach :-) I took the pair to my favorite Field he he they wanted to test them out and the boys in the pictures well they are mine ha ha in a couple of the pictures in the Fields where Darlene is laughing she asked me what I wanted them to do- i was just getting the camera out and she started laughing cas i looked professional hhaha gee thanks Darl lol and Simon says to her you realise shes snapping already I said of cause we have to capture the real you hehe

The Gorgeous 2

This 3 go marching to the beach hurrah hurrah

My sister and her Husband with my 2 boys cute :-)

My Beautiful Sister Darlene

We Had to leave and Locky was NOT HAPPY

Look at out Awesome sandcastle!!

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