Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coolum Kite Festival

HI again,

well yesterday we went to the kite festival with our friends Brooke , Glen and the cutie Savannah... It wasn't a very nice day it was raining before we got there but luckily it dried up to just a drizzle.. Thus Locky with the umbrella on the beach ha ha..

Locky and Savannah make such a cute couple don't you think haha well Brooke and I do lol.. we were walking up the beach at the kite festival and we turned around and the happy little couple were holding hands aww cute so I had to take some pics way too cute to miss :-)


Sue xx said...

Those two look too cute! I read somewhere that this was the biggest kite festival in Australia. I love the umbrella shot it's great.
Sue xx

Jodie Greck Photography said...

Thank you sue.. yes they r very cute way too cheeky for their own good.. wow to being the biggest in australia I hope I get to go next yr and fingers crossed for better weather ahah

Anonymous said...

Hey Jode,
So many beautiful colours, and amazing shots!
You go gal!

Jodie Greck Photography said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toni said...

great photos Jodie! well done!! cheers, Toni

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