Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi again, well i haven't had a session for weeks. i don't know if you guys remember but i have been documenting my gorgeous girl~ friends pregnancy.

well she has had the baby yay!!! and i got to take pics my favorite past time lol.. oh and have loads of cuddles.. well let me just say this shoot did not go as planned and it took 2 days of going there to hope the little bugger would sleep, that deep sleep well that never happened. so im not too happy about that, but hopefully i got something she will love, ..anyway with no further adue here i am proud to introduce BABY Hudson. 7 days old 6lb 7oz

More images to come tomorrow ;-)


Shannon said...

so adorable!! so itty bitty :)!!! love them :)!


That last shot is so classically beautiful! Well done with a little non-sleeper. *Meaghan

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