Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful People- Amazing Wedding/ Noosa Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful day the perfect day for a wedding, I am telling you brides are VERY good luck!

This wedding was such an emotional wedding for everyone involved.. It was planned out so beautifully and oh my gosh the gorgeous puppy carrying the wedder's did I say AMAZING???

Thank you for having me be apart of this special day, Miss ANNIE from FUNKY PHOTOGRAPHY asked me to come along to photograph this wedding with her and what an honour it was.... Tracey arrived in the gorgeous HUMMER and Ian on a sexy HARLEY.

May i just say the congregation were mainly police and was i nervous???? ummmmm NO
(no I've done nothing wrong) hahah Tracey's dress was AMAZING and Ian scrubbed up quite nicely too.

The vows were hilarious and not a dry eye in sight (i got to hide behind my camera shhhhh)
We then preceded having some images taken on the river bed at Noosa. Gorgeous cloud cover what else could make this already perfect day even more perfect NOTHING...

Congratulations guys, enjoy these images

Much love Jodie ~


Zurina Bryant said...

Beautiful work Jodie :-)

Julian Beattie said...

Great perspectives Jodie! Love the toning too!!

Shannon Morgan Photography - Port Orchard, WA Photography said...

beautiful bride!! fantastic work jodie!!

Steven said...

You totally are like the coolest like ever-er he he he. Seriously though, I know why Annie gets you to work with her, you rock!

Funky Photography said...

Incredible miss jodie - you are awesom (but you know that) ;)

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