Friday, December 4, 2009

Our itty little bitty "Emma"

Introducing little "Emma" isn't she just a darling..

This is my little neice at 1 week old she has the most softest skin, I just love photographing newborns they are the most adorning subjects ~tiny tones , funny faces, such tenderness..

Although i couldn't get her into some of the positions we would have loved these are some beauties and let me tell you these babies rule my sessions hehehe..

Congrats to you both D & S loves ya's and how adorable is your baby girl?? umm VERY!!

Lots of love hugs n kisses Aunty Jo hhehe


amandanbo said...

gorgeous, jodes! she's beautiful!

Darlene Jaeger said...

great work hun... thanks a mill.. xx

Spirit's Breeze Photography personal blog said...


Angie Field said...

What amazingly beautiful images.

Bella Taylor said...

How gorgeous! Love all those hats! what a beautiful session :-)

Melissa Jean said...

I love those pictures. Great work!

Julian Beattie said...

Been meaning to comment this for a while now (A long while, I'm slack I know!)

Love em'. The beanie's are so, so cute and suit the little one so amazingly.

Great shots, Jodes!

Jasmine said...

What lovely images...and that knitted hat is divine! :)
Can't wait to meet you soon!

HELLO my name is Jill said...

stunning. you do amazing work.

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