Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Total inspirational blog + giveaways = AMAZING

I found this blog about a month ago and have been checking in every few days I came across this on the blog plus another photographer college has been sharing their blog love ;-)

This amazing blog is called ( The Savvy Photographer) it is filled with total inspiration last week i saw one of my faves Mika Beth she is soo amazing full of inspiration this is just 1 of many talented inspirational photographers blogged this blog is awesome for myself as a photographer but also for My clients as it inspires me which improves my work and ruffles up my artistic vision which is fabulous for my clients ;-)

And the savvy photographer Blog has an amazing give away every week how COOL is that!!! umm Very Very COOL!

This weeks give away is for an online workshop by the TALENTED Marta Locklear that I've just been itching and itching to do when the 1st one came out (and i had actually messaged her some time ago asking if she did do workshops) but i was unable to commit to it at the time with work & personal commitments so here is to all the luck in the world for me to win this giveaway so I am sharing the LOVE?INSPIRATION too all my fans/colleges and clients check the blog out it ROCKS...
Marta has such amazing talent and I'm stoked that she is doing this give away what a generous soul. you can check her talent out HERE I have bought one of her products for babies that she makes let me just say AMAZING .. she's happy to share tips which i think is just awesome anyhow i just think this give away rocks and I secretly hope I win ;-) if I do I'll shout it out LOUD hahahh

whats a blog post with out a image right?? :-0) so here is one of my FAVES from my latest session below...

~ my last session inspired me and I have had many ideas and inspirations since Its all about the connection and I think these 2 love birds HAVE THAT its soo wonderful to see ;-)

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