Sunday, September 6, 2009

The New "Thing"

Hi again guys ,
I have just updated to some "new technology" I have just received the new "iphone" yay... well let me just say AWESOME...

I put this free application on the phone called NOVA its a live stream of a few radio stations with less adds and more funky tunes.. well I gave my boys a listen too and they LOVED it. I could not miss this opportunity to take a few photos of my bubbas..

Till next time ~ listen to some funky tunes ;-)

Jodie xx


Anonymous said...

Toooo cute♥ beautiful photos, as always:) My eldest girl has an iphone and it has this application where you point the phone at any music (like from the car CD player) and it will tell you what song is playing!! Pretty amazing

mandy said...

SO cute, Jodes! Love your boys! :)

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